Black is White Chewing Gum

Chew it white
Chewing for oral health: «Black Is White» chewing gum contains activated carbon for whiter teeth. Plenty of other ingredients support oral hygiene and protect against cavities. So lifestyle, so oral health, typical Curaprox.

And citrussy minty fresh, of course.


₹ 250.00

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«Black Is White» chewing gum is delicious, with a citrussy, minty, fresh taste. The best thing is that there's plenty of good stuff in this chewing gum. Activated carbon removes discolouration and makes teeth whiter without damage. Hydroxylapatite fills holes that are beginning to form and remineralises dental enamel. Glucose oxidase ensures a balanced oral flora and has an antibacterial effect. And xylitol offers protection from cavities as well as a sweet taste. So lifestyle, so oral health, typical Curaprox.